Attachment B: Engineer Certification and Apportionment Required for Water Measurement (2)

Do I need to provide the Engineer Certification and Apportionment attachment?


If the water supplier is complying with the measurement regulation by measuring at least some of their customers upstream of their delivery points, the water supplier must submit the attachment.

Engineer Certification and Apportionment


What is Engineer Certification?

An engineer determines that the individual device accuracy standards found in 597.3(a) 

 cannot be met by installing a measurement device or devices due to “Small” differential

in H2O level or “Large” fluctuations in flow rate or velocity during delivery season.


What is Apportionment?

Suppliers must document or describe the methodology of apportionment for downstream users from a shared device or devices. Include in the description:


i. How the supplier accounts for differences in water use among individual customers. Options may include delivery deviation; customer annual water use; irrigated acres; crop types; and on-farm irrigation system.


ii. Is the supplier's apportionment methodology sufficient for establishing a pricing structure based at least in part on the volume delivered?


iii. Was your apportionment method approved by the supplier's Board of Directors?