What do AWMC members need to do to comply with the statute?


Agricultural Water Management Council Members who need to submit a water management plan to the Department of Water Resources  (Do I need to submit a WMP to the department?)  can use their existing planning methods to comply with the SBx7-7 planning process (Section 10827). 


Due to efforts to streamline the other requirements of SBx7-7 (Mandatory EWMPs on measurement and pricing found in 10608.48, as well as EWMP implementation reporting) DWR does require additional information be provided with the plan.


Additional information to be included as attachments to Council plans is described below. 


Please note that not all water suppliers must include all of the attachments.  (For example, water suppliers who are measuring deliveries at every farmgate do not need to provide Legal Certification or Engineer Certification and Apportionment attachments.)


Attachment A: Legal Certification and Apportionment Required for Water Measurement
Attachment B: Engineer Certification and Apportionment Required for Water Measurement
Attachment C: Description of Water Measurement Best Management Practices
Attachment D: Documentation of Water Measurement Conversion to Volume
Attachment E: Device Corrective Action Plan Required for Water Measurement

Attachment F: Non-Implemented EWMPs Report and Documentation