Locally Cost Effective and Technically Feasible


Determining what is locally cost effective and/or technically feasible can be a daunting task.  AWMC members have been  using the Net Benefit Analysis, or NBA process for approximately 16 years to ensure that EWMPs appropriate for their unique situation are employed. Derived from the AWMC MOU, (Exhibit E) the following tables help our members navigate through effective review and documentation of the local cost efficacy and/or technical feasibility of the EWMPs.


DWR and the AWMC, working in cooperation, developed these integrated Excel spreadsheets to facilitate water supplier review of Local Cost Effectiveness and Technical Feasibility.  Please download these tables as a zipped file to a single folder on your computer in order to ensure that the macros work correctly.


Locally Cost Effective and/or Technical feasibility Net Benefit Analysis for AB3616 Planning


Water Suppliers must document their determination that an EWMP is not technically feasible or locally cost effective in their SBx7-7 WMP