Next Steps: After Your Plan is Drafted


What to do after your Ag Water Management Plan draft is finished:


1.  Conduct a Public Inspection Period

2.  Publish a Notice of Public Hearing (Pursuant to Government Code Section 6066)

3.  Hold a Public Hearing

4.  Plan Adopted by Water Supplier Board (December 31, 2012 Deadline)

5.  Post Plan to Water Supplier Website (Within 30 Days of Adoption)

6.  Submit Adopted Plan to DWR (Within 30 Days of Adoption- not later than January 30, 2013)

7.  Provide Copies of Plan to Identified Entities (Within 30 Days of Adoption)


For more information on other important dates SBx7-7, click here.


For more information on "Additional Documentation" required for USBR and AWMC format plans, click here.


Questions about requirements?   Contact the Council directly at (916) 391-5035, or at bsouza(at)

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