SBx7-7 DWR Tasks


 What are the Task list items? (e.g. A1, A2, A3): A fast and simple guide to understanding DWRs SBx7-7 task list for Agricultural components )


 The task list items are simply the method DWR staff has used to break down responsibilities the legislature set out in the Water Conservation Act of 2009 (SBx7-7).  The tasks designated with A are focused on agricultural water issues, those with U designations pertain to urban water suppliers. 


"A1 - Methodology to Quantify Water Use Efficiency" (Task Complete)

What is "A1"?  
Critical A1 Documents (Methodology, Supporting Documentation) 


"A2 - Adopt regulations for ag water measurement" (Task Complete)

What is "A2"?
Critical A2 Documents (Regulation, Supporting Documentation)


"A3 - May Update EWMPs"

What is "A3"?  (Coming Soon)
A3 Public Comments Page (Coming Soon)
Critical A3 Documents (Supporting Documentation) (Coming Soon)


"A4 - Report on Effectiveness of EWMPs"

"What is "A4"?   (Coming Soon)


"A5 - Report on status of AWMPs"

What is "A5"?  (Coming Soon)
A5 Public Comments Page (Coming Soon)
Critical A5 Documents (Reports, Supporting Documentation) (Coming Soon)


"A6 - AWMP Guidebook"

What is "A6"? 
Critical A6 Documents (Guidebook, Supporting Documentation) (Task Complete)


"A7 - Revise Ag loan and grant criteria"

What is "A7"?  (Coming Soon)
A7 Public Comments Page (Coming Soon)
Critical A7 Documents (Criteria, Supporting Documentation) (Coming Soon)