Member Responsibilities

The Council is a  voluntary  program.   The Council is currently funded through several contracts with the Department of Water Resources and the US Bureau of Reclamation, as well as voluntary dues paid by our membership.  All agencies and organizations, committed to the voluntary and cooperative water management efforts of the Memorandum of Understanding are encouraged to become signatories.


Members are one of three groups:

          Group 1   Agricultural Water Suppliers
          Group 2   Environmental Agencies
          Group 3   Other Interested Parties (non-voting)


Council Responsibilities  

  • Provide technical and financial assistance to signatory members for water management plan preparation and updates.
  • Develop consistent guidelines to be used by all signatory water suppliers to evaluate efficient water management practices (EWMPs).
  • Update EWMPs as necessary. 
  • Collect and summarize information on signatory implementation of EWMPs.
  • Assist water suppliers with water management plan and report requirements in their efforts to implement EWMPs.
  • Secure appropriate funding to continue operation.

Ag Water Supplier Responsibilities   

  • Prepare a water management plan incorporating the MOU's efficient water management practices (EWMPs).
  • Implement the EWMPs found to provide benefits.
  • Prepare progress reports on the results of the EWMPs.

Environmental Member Responsibilities  

  • Assist water suppliers in fulfilling their commitment to their customers while achieving greater water management efficiency.
  • Participate in the process of protecting, maintaining, and enhancing the natural environment through the consensus process.
  • Support Water Management Plans endorsed by the Council.
  • Aid the Council in the procurement of funds to implement EWMPs that provide benefits beyond the scope of the implementing local agency.