About Us




     The Mission of the Agricultural Water Management Council is to advance the efficiency of farm water management while benefiting the environment. new_life.jpg





Who We Are


     The Agricultural Water Management Council is a non-profit organization established in 1996 dedicated to working in a voluntary and cooperative manner with agricultural water suppliers, environmental interest groups, government agencies and other agricultural interest groups to establish a consistent and credible endorsement process for agricultural water suppliers to demonstrate how they are managing water efficiently. 


It is the Council's responsibility to aid agricultural water supplier members to develop and implement Water Managements Plans on how they deliver water in an efficient manner while accounting for environmental and third-party impacts.  The Council remains the only organization in the nation that contributes to efficient agricultural water management through the collaborative governance of the water suppliers and the environmental community.


The Council strives to build an atmosphere of innovation and a forum to exchange ideas on new technologies and practices that advances farm water efficiency with consideration of environmental and third party impacts.  The Council creates a place where all can gather and exchange ideas on how to better manage our water resources.  It is unique forum where the agricultural community and environmental interest groups become partners in change. 



The Challenge


    Agriculture is essential to California's economy and culture.  Traveling across California's vast landscape or walking through one of the many farmers markets, it is evident that California is truly a Garden of Eden.  California enjoys more diversity of food than any other region in the world.  Its Mediterranean climate and fertile soils give California a unique disposition to grow food and grow it well.  More than 400 difference crops are grown here, whereas many of the crops are only grown in California.

Farming and the environment are closely related.  Farmers are dependent on the environment for the very essence of their livelihood.  Successful management of our natural resources secures a productive future that will sustain California farms.  Both farms and the environment face the growing challenge of diminishing and unstable water supplies as we turn the corner into the 21st century.


  • Climate change promises a shift in precipitation patterns.  Whereas no one know the exact timing or extent of these changes, the anticipated results would drastically change the availability of water supplies.


  • California's population continues to escalate from its current 36.5 million to 48 million people by 2030 in a state where the water resources are already strained to support its current population.


  • Court rulings within the last 15 years reallocate over 3 million acre-feet of water per year previously diverted for urban and farm use. 


Our world around us is changing.  To meet these compounding challenges our future depends on cooperation and innovation to continue forward.  The Council supports the vision of cooperation to create a healthy environment and a vibrant and profitable farming industry.